Bar Cart Makeover

Bar Carts

Let’s turn this $10 estate sale find into a bar cart. I always find the best things at estate sales especially on the last day when everything is generally 50% off. I mean who doesn’t love a great deal. It has good bones and that’s what I look for.

Bar Cart - Before Remodel

I brought her home with me and broke out the spray paint. I went with Rust-oleum gold metallic which adheres to metal. You can order it here I almost always look to see what I have in my craft room before buying anything paint related.

Next up, I am headed over to Amazon to purchase a glass holder to screw underneath the top shelf. Here’s the link. Now, let’s screw this on. Even girls can have tools. I have a garage full of them.

I really wanted to glam this one up so I am going to use some glass bead primer which I purchased from here. In addition to, these glass beads. I love this primer because everything sticks to it. You have to keep it pretty smooth. I use a trowel and a Japanese scraper. I prefer the penguin trowel since it is lightweight and has the point at the top to get into smaller areas. Here is the link.

After the primer dries I’m going to roll on modern masters Champagne metallic paint. You can find that here.  If it covers in one coat you are ready for the next step. If not just roll on another coat. It’s super quick.

I’m thinking Champagne glass beads would be perfect with the gold and well the name goes great with a bar cart right? These are a little bit tricky but you can do it I promise. When applying the beads you need a plastic trowel or scraper. You can work with them for a little bit.

I have added a little bit of glaze to thin them out if I needed to. I push a bit harder to keep them level. They will look white until they are dry. It takes some time but when they are dry WOWZA!! They sparkle and are gorgeous. Everyone knows I am 100% a glam girl. I will leave these overnight just to make sure they are dry all the way through.

That’s it. I’m all finished. Isn’t she lovely?

Bar Cart Makeover


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