Glitter Pumpkins DIY Tutorial

Glitter Pumpkins DIY Tutorial

Supplies you will need

DIY glitter pumpkins

Step 1:

Paint the pumpkin with the white paint. Let it dry completely. Acrylic paint drys quickly but if you are in a hurry use a blow dryer. 

Step 2: Paint it with the metallic paint

Paint each one with two coats. I found a color that is exactly what I mixed in a different brand for ½ the price. I love when that happens. Make sure and let it dry completely.

Step 3: Paint the Modge Podge on to the top of the pumpkin

Make sure and carry it down at different lengths on the sides of the pumpkin. Don’t worry if you don’t get enough the first time. You can always add more. 

Step 4: Glitter time

Sprinkle the fine glitter on to the Modge Podge. Add as much as you want and if you decide you want more just add more Modge Podge and glitter

Step 5: Bigger glitter

Drizzle more Modge Podge where you would like the bigger glitter to stick. 

On the smaller pumpkin I added the brown micro beads instead of the larger glitter.



Glitter Pumpkin

Who wants to glitter some Pumpkins? Here we go!!!

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