How to Refinish your dining room table

Why yes, of course that is our dog sitting at our dining room table…Wait a minute. Yours doesn’t do that? I mean she doesn’t put her paws on the table. We had to train her to do something right? Don’t shoot the messenger, but I forgot to take a before photo of the table, so this one will have to do.

I decided to refinish my dining room table. Why replace it if I can refinish it right? This wasn’t an easy task. This is not a quick project but so worth it.

Here are the supplies you will need for the project:

I have put links to what I recommend. I love using Amazon because I can get it with Prime.

Step 1 Deconstruct your chairs

1.Take everything apart on each chair which  took me about 6 hours.

2. Did you know that they use about 1,000,000  staples on these chairs?

Step 2: Sand everything down

  1. A light sand is enough because you will be wiping it all down with TSP and water. (I order my TSP off Amazon on Prime. I linked the exact brand I use HERE)
  2. Used ½ cup of TSP to a gallon of warm water. You want to make sure it is very clean. Be sure to glove up and wear a mask.
  3. Wipe it all down. I used terry cloth rags.
  4. Let it dry
  5. Use clean water to wipe it all again.

I created a spray booth in my living room. Yes, you read the right. I’m quite fortunate that my hubby goes along with all of my shenanigans.

Here’s how I did it.

  • We papered the floors.
  • We hung plastic from a 2×4 and taped all of the edges.

It actually worked very well. The only problem was that I thought I should spray everything since I had this new booth so I left it up for about a month. I know your thinking I’m crazy but it really didn’t affect us too much. We can always watch TV in another room.

Step 3: Primer, Painting and Topcoat

Ok let the spraying begin.

  1. Prime your furniture. I got mine off Amazon. I recommend THIS Primer
  2. Spray 2 coats giving it ample time to dry in between and don’t forget the mask, gloves, etc.
  3. Keep it light since you are doing multiple coats.
  4. Keep a roller nearby in case you see any drips. It doesn’t generally happen on the flat surfaces but if you spray it to thick it can drip on the horizontal surfaces. It will crack too if you do it too thick which can be a really neat affect but it wasn’t what I was going for.
  5. After that is dry I sprayed 3 coats of  THIS paint,
    (Again Amazon Prime is my go to). 3 coats may have been over kill but it is our dining room/kitchen table. It gets a lot of use. Not necessarily for meals every night but definitely for projects.
  6. Finally, I sprayed the 3 layers of THIS top coat and let it dry overnight.

Step 4: Refinish your chairs (preparation)

I figured if I was going to invest all of this time I better do it right.

  1. I traced out the wood seat of the chair onto a new piece of plywood because they had cut outs and used a stretchy strap type of thing. Whenever I stood on them I could tell it wasn’t solid.
  2. I cut them out with a saw. When I say I, I meant my hubby because that was a boy job.
  3. I ordered the fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. I went with simple and gray. I’m completely over brown and beige right now.  The cording I got 50% off from Hobby Lobby. If it’s not on sale for that week use the 40% off coupon.
  4. I replaced the foam for the chair cushions because if you rip it all apart you may as well. That was the easy part. You need a turkey carving knife to cut through that padding.  It was worth it they are so comfy now.

Step 5: Put the chair back together

I started with using a staple gun but quickly realized that was hard and going to take forever and a day. Off, I went to pick out a staple gun . My suggestion add it to your Amazon order to save you time shopping.  It was super scary at first especially when my hubby said “Don’t shoot a staple through your leg.” Why on earth would he challenge me to something like that? You know anything is possible when I get tools in my hand.

The gun worked great. It was fast and easy. It took longer to try to figure out how to fill it with staples each time than it did anything else. It actually went smoothly. I totally recommend the Staple gun to help when you refinish your dining room table.

  1. I cut the fabric to the size of the cushions and stapled away keeping the fabric pulled tight. I didn’t replace the cushions on the back part of the chairs. They didn’t need it.
  2. Next I stapled the covered foam to the actual chairs
  3. Use a hot glue gun add the roping and cover the staples.

I won’t say that I can sell my furniture in retail stores yet but I do love the way it all turned out. I will definitely do this again until I get it perfected. My only recommendation would be don’t rush it when you are refinishing your dining room table.

I would also tell you to try it and send me before and after photos because it’s totally awesome refinishing your dinning room table and chairs.

I did my best. I bet you thought I was kidding about our Siberian Husky, Sierra, but I wasn’t….Thank goodness she’s cute.

So who’s coming over for Thanksgiving? The seat next to my girl is usually available.


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