Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Bar

Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Bar

Are you looking for an idea for Valentine’s Day that will keep you snuggled up to the one you love? Too bad chocolate is bad for dogs!!

This is how I made that happen. The puppy pic was effortless since Sierra is always by my side helping me create everything. The stand, rose holder, and metal heart I picked up at a thrift store. It was gold and that didn’t work for our space.So, I grabbed some spray paint. Two light coats worked perfectly.







 I used 3 plates that I  purchased from Hobby Lobby over the holidays. They fit perfectly. I bought a cute tea towel, peppermint chips bowl, and signs there too. 

The signs were great but I didn’t love the glitter. I wasn’t crazy about the stands either so they had to be changed.

Hobby Lobby still has these signs in the clearance section!! They were less than a dollar.. Yep, you read that right. 

I used  pliers and twisted just a bit and the stands came off. Then, I soaked the metal sayings in water for about an hour, grabbed a sponge and the glitter came right off. The signs were red and perfect for my theme. I grabbed my hot glue gun and attached them to the stand. I used the mugs sign on the top and the toppings sign on the middle part of the stand. 

All of the fun toppings and hot chocolate spoons I found at Home Goods.

The marshmallows are from there too. If you ever get the chance to buy a yard of marshmallows do it! They are super cute. 

The hot cocoa sign is from the dollar spot at Target. It did have an arrow on it that I covered up with a chalkboard heart from the Dollar Tree. 

I made a video tutorial of the heart, you can view it here https://youtu.be/YcLL96jLdbE

Last, but not least, you cannot purchase our adorable puppies, but I’m very sure you can find one to adopt at many shelters. If you love our puppies as much as we do you can see more of them crafting with me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. They have their own Facebook and Instagram page too. A Little Husky Never Hurt. 

 Happy Valentine’s Day



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